Flu Vaccination Barrowview Medical Practice 2020

We are still awaiting definite confirmation of a delivery date of flu vaccines to the surgery. We anticipate it will be around the last week of September.

A vaccination programme with your safety and efficiency at its core has been put in place.

We have a designated vaccination area separate to the rest of the surgery.

A system has been put in place to ensure no mixing of patients while waiting for vaccinations. We anticipate that waiting time will be minimal.

Please register your interest and a member of staff will contact you.

Alternatively, multiple walk-in clinics will be run, the times of which will be made available once the vaccine is in stock.

Flu Vaccine Interest Form


    Due to the unprecedented crisis of the Covid 19 Pandemic we would strongly recommend that all patients who require flu vaccination due to their underlying medical conditions, be vaccinated with the surgery as promptly as possible.

    In the interest of the best management of your health needs we strongly recommend that your vaccinations be carried out in the surgery to have a single complete source of medical information at your disposal.

    This is to prevent patients having to deal with both respiratory infections and substantially increased risk of hospitalization.

    We plan to start our vaccination campaign as soon as vaccines are available in September.

    We will keep you updated.